Concierge Primary Care

Concierge Primary Care

Wellness can be defined as “the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort”.

In order to achieve and maintain wellness it is important to have a solid foundation of support from several resources. One of the most important keys to your wellness lies in the quality of care and guidance that you receive from your primary care provider, the first line stop in your medical care. You should not be pushed through your doctor’s office in a hurry without your concerns being addressed for the sake of them seeing as many patients as they can squeeze into their schedule! With a blended concierge/lifestyle medicine approach to care, I hope to build strong, lasting relationships with each one of my patients to help them on their journey to health and wellness. My goal is to educate, equip, and empower my patients with the guidance and resources necessary to sustain and protect health and to stave off the chronic illnesses that plague our society. With a goal of preventing, halting, and even in some cases, reversing chronic disease, my focus is not to prescribe medication therapy for every ailment when this is not the optimal treatment in all situations, but to prescribe a personalized regimen of therapeutic intervention that cannot be matched.

We respect you and your precious time!

We considerably improve your access to care while respecting your time and saving you money. Rather than accepting insurance, we charge an affordable monthly membership fee which covers unlimited visits to your primary care provider as well as a yearly annual wellness visit.  For no more than the cost of a typical gym membership, you avoid the associated copays, deductibles, and billing hassles that come along with typical insurance based-care. By avoiding the high cost of overhead that traditional practices pay for billing specialists, and other administrative staff, we are able to offer exceptional, personalized care without the barriers that can cause so much hassle in your typical primary care office. Seeing your provider should be hassle free, affordable, and you should feel that your concerns are being addressed adequately and efficiently.

Avoid the hassles of insurance and co-pays!

The Affordable Care Act requires that patients purchase health insurance or incur a penalty, therefore it is wise to continue to carry health insurance, providing coverage for emergency visits, specialist care, lab work, prescriptions, imaging, etc. Our model makes it easier for patients to have higher-deductible plans considering the majority of your routine visits and treatments will be with us, your primary care provider!

We spend quality time with you and listen to your concerns!

Many times patients feel that they are being pushed through their doctor’s office like cattle, herded in and out as quickly as possible to ensure that the organization meets their quotas. Have you ever had to wait in the waiting room for an hour only to see your doctor for a whopping 15 minutes, to ultimately only address one issue per visit? There is also the infamous “sick visit”. Good luck trying to see your provider on short notice when you are not feeling well, but without a visit, there is no way you will be prescribed anything, therefore you end up in an Urgent Care or Emergency Room instead.  What about medication refills? Have you ever been down to your last few pills only to be told that you would need an appointment to receive any refills? Unfortunately, there would be no openings for the next month so good luck trying to obtain those refills. Through our model of care, you will form a close relationship with your primary care provider. Because we only accept a certain number of patients as members (less than 1/4th of the number in a typical practice), you will have more time to spend discussing your health concerns and goals with your provider and you will receive exceptional 24/7 care.



What your concierge membership includes:

  • Readily available appointments – same or next day for sick visits
  • Affordable, fixed cost for membership and easy billing
  • Constant care and availability via multiple modalities – Text, email, telemedicine, or face-to-face
  • Friendly, exceptional evidence based care with a strong focus on holistic principles
  • A welcoming, clean and relaxing care environment
  • No packed waiting rooms
  • Unlimited visits with no additional cost
  • Convenient onsite lab services
  • Personalized patient portal
  • Care that is highly focused on preventive and lifestyle medicine – We treat the person, not the disease!
  • Unlimited office procedures (this list is not all inclusive)
    • Wart removal
    • Pap smear
    • IUD removal
    • Minor wound treatment
    • Pregnancy testing
    • Point of care testing – urinalysis, strep, influenza
    • Incision and Drainage of Abscesses
  • Comprehensive yearly physical including well woman exams
  • Assistance with specialist referrals and close follow up to ensure specialty appointments are scheduled and completed
  • Annual influenza vaccine
  • Discounted aesthetics, weight loss, and hormone replacement services
  • Discounted self-pay labs
  • Discounted imaging through our partner facility
  • Minimum 30-minute appointment block, 1 hour for annual physicals
  • No long term commitment. If you decide you do not want to continue with us then all you have to do is provide a 30-day notice and you are free to cancel.
  • Discounts through our partner facilities that include fitness clubs, salons, etc
  • Discount for additional family members
  • Sick visits for non-member family (Eg. Grandma is in town to visit and comes down with the flu..we will see her for a small fee of $40.00)





”$75.00″ ”/Month”


”$50.00″ ”/Month”
Child Family Member

(12-18 yrs)

$35.00 /Month